Frequency Asked Questions

1. What does the airline consider a “group”?
   Most airlines consider a group to be at least 10 or more passengers traveling together. 

2. What are the benefits of booking a group rate?
   Group rates lock in the same fare and itinerary for every passenger. When booking individually, fares can vary from passenger to passenger, and fluctuate frequently. Utilizing group space evens out the fares for everyone in the group and avoids price hikes.

We can usually hold group space up to three to fours months in advance with no financial obligation. We do require a deposit, unless you have a line of credit with us, in which case the deposit is waived.

If you would like the students to contact us individually to book and pay for their travel, an CWT Travel Groups Logistics Specialist will coordinate that through our International Programs department. Your involvement would be minimal, as you would not be required to coordinate names or payments. We do ask that you determine the trip details, but everything else would be handled between the students and our International Programs agents.

3. What is commitment deadline?
   After a certain date the airline requires the group to commit to the number of seats being held, otherwise they will penalize you for seats you do not use. The commitment deadline varies depending on airline, and can be anywhere between 30 - 90 days prior to departure.